Are You Ready to Make It Pretty?

Picture this: you’re headed out to a big event, dressed to the nines and ready to show off your meticulously styled hair. You know you look hot, there is no question about that. You also know that a former flame may be there, which is even more reason to flaunt your stuff. But the minute you walk out into the damp, misty air your blowout instantly transforms into a frizzy mess. Not possible, you say! The stakes are too high to be dealing with this hair catastrophe.

Enter Make It Pretty Smoothing Serum. Put a few drops of this in your hands and rub them together, then apply to your strands. If you use Make It Pretty before blowdrying, it will protect your hair from damage and shorten drying time. It is an amazing smooth control product that also leaves the hair looking shiny. So you can go back to strutting your stuff in front of your ex and graciously accepting all of the compliments that will be inevitably thrown your way.

Crisis averted. Make It Pretty to the rescue! Available from VM Hair Care, the cost is $29.95. And worth every penny.

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