Stepping Back in Time at The Edison

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This past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting The Edison in downtown Los Angeles, and it was like stepping into the pages of The Great Gatsby. Completely nondescript from the outside, this venue appeared to be a warehouse with its entrance in the middle of an alley. But once you step inside and descend the grand staircase, it feels like you have entered your own private time machine. With jazz music playing in the background and silent movies projected all around us, my party was led through a labryrinth of rooms to our table.

Our very accommodating server made certain that we were taken care of all night, as our party of eight sampled the various food and drink selections. The flatbread was to die for, and I discovered my new favorite libation– The Mistress, a combination of vodka, lemon, pomegranate, and prosecco. We also took advantage of the lush surroundings to pose for photos.

The Edison is located inside the basement of the Higgins Building, and has the distinction of being the first private power plant in downtown Los Angeles, established in 1910. The night we were there they had burlesque performances, and I mosied my way up to the front of the stage for a choice viewing spot– it did not disappoint. I couldn’t wipe the smile off of my face as I realized that The Edison had surpassed my wildest expectations. To add to the festivities, while most guests were dressed in 20s attire, many others expressed their creativity (and love for pop culture) with their costumes.

Having declared this a Ladies’ Night, my friends and I had decided in advance to dress every bit the theme of the evening. I love the era of the 1920s– flappers have always been so intriguing to me, and I longed to embody their sense of freedom and fun, even if just for a night. I knew that I was going to need some help with this transformation, and since I had recently cut my hair into a bob, I felt that styling it into pincurls and finger waves was the way to go. So I immediately called Ashtin Salon and made an appointment with Matt. Since Matt is a hair magician, I knew that all I would have to do was show him a photo of my inspiration, and he would be able to translate my vision. And I was right– Matt took a traditional hairstyle and gave it a modern twist. I gratefully accepted compliments on my hair from friends and strangers all night, and made a mental note to tell Matt.

So if you have a hankering for a night out with your gals, or would like to celebrate a special occasion with your loved one, not only do I recommend that you check out The Edison, but that you also give Matt a call at 949-721-8767. His skills are amazing and he will help to make your event extra special, just like he did mine.



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Although a few weeks have passed since MTV’s Video Music Awards, there is one name that for better or worse still reverberates upon the lips of many. Miley Cyrus, and that infamous performance that will rival the Brittany/Madonna kiss as one of the most talked-about spectacles that MTV has manufactured. One thing that we haven’t talked about though is Miley’s hair… and who inspired it.



We also noticed a trend with one of our favorite looks, the bob. Worn both curly or straight, retro or more contemporary, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, and Rita Ora had it going on.




Upcoming Hair Trends for Fall

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Now that summer is winding down and a new season is quickly approaching, it’s time to start turning our attention to fall hair trends. As it happens every year around the same time, the longing for something new, something utterly different and sensational kicks in. Hopefully this will provide you with some inspiration.

Not surprisingly, and following the lines of the fall/winter fashion trends, the new hairstyles are ready to bring a touch of drama to the streets, channeling the classic beauty of Elizabeth Taylor and Kim Novack. Come autumn you can expect to fall under the perfect spell of the Film Noir, embracing highly cinematic hair trends and referencing a very strong and powerful woman. We are all for that!

Either edgy, utterly seductive, sultry or plain luxurious, the Film Noir influence spanning over the autumn / winter 2013 hair trends reads pure sophistication. Seeing how Hollywood’s classical film noir period extends over the early 1940s to the late 1950s, there is a fair amount of vintage sway being reimagined as to complement the portrait of the modern and powerful woman of 2013.




And if you’re already thinking about a hair color refresh for the upcoming season, you’re in good company. But if you’re unsure about how and where to begin with your transition, start subtly. Find your hair color below and get these tips for the perfect color come fall.

For fall, we are predicting an influx of all-over blondes, but with a specific hue in mind. Blondes should choose more golden-y tones. And when it comes to highlights, face-framing pieces that skew three to four levels lighter than the rest of the hair would work best.


Brown-haired ladies, keep one word in mind: dimension. We believe you will see brunettes with bolder strokes of warm or reddish tones. That means rich, dark hair and bold highlights for serious movement and texture. The highlights should never start at the root for this trend. Talk to Matt about a good gloss, too, as this will add necessary movement and dimension.


Richer, coppery tones are in your fall hair forecast. Redheads should gloss after coloring. And since your hair color is already so vibrant and rich, it’s best to opt for subtle highlights. Smaller highlights should be randomly painted all over and glossed again for more intense tones.


At the end of the day, though, your fall color should be all about what works for you. Don’t try and do something you saw in a magazine and that you love but it won’t work for your coloring or lifestyle. There are so many options for you to enhance your look with hair colors, so don’t do anything unnatural.

Sporting a Bob the Great Gatsby Way

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We’ve all got it right now: Gatsby fever. From the window displays at Tiffany’s and the jaw-droppingly gorgeous costumes in the movie, to the star-studded soundtrack and hints of Gatsby-esque style showing up everywhere… We can’t get enough. In line with the era’s decadence and glitzy hedonistic romps, the movie is bursting with color and eye-catching visuals. But most of all, we’re excited for the elaborate costumes, hair, and makeup… especially the bob!

For starters: what exactly is a bob? In basic terms, it’s a short women’s haircut. But how short is short? Is it just below the ears? Is it grazing the chin? Is it anything above your clavicle? Well, theoretically it is all of the above. We would venture to say a bob is anything longer than a pixie and shorter than your shoulders. The look originated around World War I as the then-typical “feminine” long hair was deemed unsuitable for war work and was subsequently popularized by the actress Louise Brooks in the early 1920s. Though the style ebbs and flows in popularity, it has never truly gone out of style.

Since flapper fashion and the Jazz Age are back in style this summer, you’ll want to be perfectly practiced in the art of 1920s hairstyles. That’s why Matt is ready to create some of the favorite looks: the blunt bob, glam curls, retro waves, and a faux bob (for those not yet ready to cut their hair). He can create hairstyles that are inspired by the jazz age but have a modern twist. So, instead of trying to suppress your Gatsby fever, embrace it.

Are you ready to sport your Great Gatsby-inspired bob? Give Matt a call at 949-721-8767.

Laara and the Mastercutter Academy is Back!

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Laara K. Raynier’s Mastercutter Academy

To book a California workshop on June 9th or a private class on June 10th:

Call: (212) 995-9334 or visit

Sunday June 9, 2013
Costa Mesa, California
The Living Room Salon
125 Rochester St Costa Mesa, CA 92627
10AM – 5PM
Morning Session: 10:00am
Graduated Bob/Great Gatsby Haircut
Consultation: The consultation process is part of each haircut. It’s extremely important to know how to consult with a client to build trust and to decide in a visual way what will look great and work for the client.
Demonstration by Laara Raynier: Graduated Bob. Watch and learn the technique of graduation and how to create and shape one of the most challenging and current haircuts.
Hands-on Step-By-Step Training with Laara Raynier. In this group workshop you will practice cutting a graduated bob. Learn and master the technique of graduation.
THE FINISH: The Mason Pearson Brush Blow-dry: Learn how to use a flat brush that leaves the hair smooth and shiny.
Afternoon Session: 1:30pm
Sexy Long Layers/Face Framing + 5-Day Blow-dry Technique
Consultation: The consultation process is part of each haircut. It’s extremely important to know how to consult with a client to build trust and to decide in a visual way what will look great and work for the client.
Demonstration by Laara Raynier:  Sexy Long Layers + Face Framing. featuring advanced blending, layering, texturizing, point cutting with the emphasis on face framing.
Hands-On Step-By-Step Training with Laara Raynier. In this group workshop you will practice cutting long hair, featuring advanced blending, layering & texturizing. Learn to master long hair and cutting the face frame.
THE FINISH: The 5-Day Blow-dry Technique: This blow dry technique is so amazing, it can last up to 5 days when done correctly! By using a boar bristle brush, no straight iron is needed to achieve smooth, polished hair. Metal brushes are great for bending and curling the hair because they heat up like a curling iron.

Monday June 10, 2013 Costa Mesa, California
The Living Room Salon
125 Rochester St Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Master the Classic Precision Bob, Graduated Bob, Long-Layered Hair, Short Hair, Men’s Hair, 5-Day Blow-dry technique, Mason Pearson Brush Blow-dry.

Private one-on-one classes are by appointment. We provide models.
2 hour private hair cutting class with one model.
4 hour private hair cutting class with two models.
6 hour private hair cutting class with three models.
Book your own private class with Laara Raynier!
Please Call: (212) 995-9334 or e-mail
to book a private class.
For More Information: Call: (212) 995-9334 Visit: E-mail:

Try the Ombre Hair Technique!

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Ombre hair is that half-brown, half-blonde look where the tips of your hair look “dipped.” The style is sexy in an edgy way. Ombre is a French word that literally means shaded and it’s a hot trend in hair color this year.

It’s important to share with people who are considering ombre that it is not something you want to try at home. This coloring technique has to be done properly or else you’ll end up looking like you have overgrown roots. The difference with overgrown roots is that they typically look like two colors that don’t match with a distinct borderline. When Matt does ombre, it is obvious that the effect was intended.

Here are some examples of ombre looks:

Ombre is meant to be a gradual fade of color that should be feathery and subtle. There should be no in-between. The colors must be chosen wisely so it’s definitely a smart move to have a professional colorist do this for you. The colors chosen must complement and fade into each other.

So why should you give the ombre technique a try?

* It’s a low-maintenance hair color technique. Ombre is a fairly easy hair color look to keep up. For the least maintenance, go as close to your natural hair color as possible near your roots, then gradually go lighter down the hair shaft.

* Use it as an anti-aging hair color trick. Ombre is actually a way to imitate the hair color of your childhood. Remember when you’d get so much sun in the summer that your hair would naturally lighten? Ombre hair color gives off that youthful look.

* It is an easy way to grow out your roots. The whole purpose of the effect is to make it look like you’re growing out your roots on purpose.

* Ombre is a sexy and edgy trend. This can be a fresh and unique look for you. It’s casual and looks like you’ve been at the beach all summer. When done right, it’s an extremely flattering way to “go lighter.” If you’re thinking about going blonde but feared that it wouldn’t work with your complexion, ombre hair color is a nice compromise.

If you’re interested in giving ombre a try, you can make an appointment with Matt by calling Ashtin Salon at 949-721-8767.

Matthew Has Moved to Ashtin Salon!

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After a ten-year run at Christopher & Co. Salon in Corona del Mar, Matthew has moved just down the street to Ashtin Salon. Always one to keep things fresh and interesting, he has already found the salon to be a perfect fit for him. From the stunning decor to the friendly staff, Ashtin is welcoming from the moment you walk through the door.

The creators behind Ashtin Salon are a husband and wife team who share the same passion and creativity behind the chair. The name “Ashtin” was created from their two names, Ashleigh and Metin, and molded into one.

Not only that– the location is extremely convenient and making an appointment is easy. Just call 949-721-8767 to set something up. Ashtin is located at 2600 E. Coast Highway, #120 (cross street is MacArthur) in Corona del Mar. For more information about salon services, visit their website.

Laara Raynier’s Mastercutter Academy

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For those of you who were lucky enough to attend Laara Raynier’s Mastercutter Academy last month, we don’t need to tell you about what a success it was! Laara offers advanced haircutting workshops and private haircutting and styling classes designed to teach classic precision hair cutting and styling. She is the authority, and learned to master classic precision haircutting from the hair legend himself, Roger Thompson of Barney’s NY. Roger was also one of the creators of precision haircutting as we know it and the first world Art Director of Vidal Sassoon in the 60s. Laara was also trained by and works with Edward Tricomi, of Warren Tricomi, where she learned to master long hair, blending, layering, styling, and blowdrying from the salon to the runways.

What is it like to train with Laara Raynier? Just listen to what Tim Hartley has to say…

Testimonial from Tim Hartley

Or read Edward Tricomi’s words…

I have known Laara Raynier personally and professionally since 1988. When I first met Laara she was working with the hair icon Roger Thompson at Barney’s New York. In 1998 she joined my salon Warren Tricomi. She is charming, magnetic and exudes passion and creativity. She’s a natural artist and one of the best haircutters I know. Laara has also distinguished herself as an outstanding teacher and sales expert. She excels at teaching haircutting and sharing her vast knowledge and experience with those she teaches. If you are serious about learning how to cut hair, train with Laara Raynier.

Edward Tricomi, Warren Tricomi Salons, Haircare, NY

The best part is that your location or your schedule doesn’t have to come between you and your passion, especially since Laara is willing to travel to any part of the country to give you access to her level of expertise. She will be in Costa Mesa, California from Sunday, June 9 to Wednesday, June 12, and is offering both hands-on workshops and private classes. Visit her website for more information and to purchase tickets.

Mastercutter Academy: You Can’t Afford Not to Be There!

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Calling all stylists! On Monday, March 25 the master haircutter Laara Raynier will be here from New York to teach a day of precision haircutting. Meant for anyone beginning their career and also for seasoned professionals, Laara brings her passion and expertise straight to you. The event will be held from 10 am to 5 pm, check out the flyer for more details:


Are You Ready to Make It Pretty?

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Picture this: you’re headed out to a big event, dressed to the nines and ready to show off your meticulously styled hair. You know you look hot, there is no question about that. You also know that a former flame may be there, which is even more reason to flaunt your stuff. But the minute you walk out into the damp, misty air your blowout instantly transforms into a frizzy mess. Not possible, you say! The stakes are too high to be dealing with this hair catastrophe.

Enter Make It Pretty Smoothing Serum. Put a few drops of this in your hands and rub them together, then apply to your strands. If you use Make It Pretty before blowdrying, it will protect your hair from damage and shorten drying time. It is an amazing smooth control product that also leaves the hair looking shiny. So you can go back to strutting your stuff in front of your ex and graciously accepting all of the compliments that will be inevitably thrown your way.

Crisis averted. Make It Pretty to the rescue! Available from VM Hair Care, the cost is $29.95. And worth every penny.