Sporting a Bob the Great Gatsby Way

We’ve all got it right now: Gatsby fever. From the window displays at Tiffany’s and the jaw-droppingly gorgeous costumes in the movie, to the star-studded soundtrack and hints of Gatsby-esque style showing up everywhere… We can’t get enough. In line with the era’s decadence and glitzy hedonistic romps, the movie is bursting with color and eye-catching visuals. But most of all, we’re excited for the elaborate costumes, hair, and makeup… especially the bob!

For starters: what exactly is a bob? In basic terms, it’s a short women’s haircut. But how short is short? Is it just below the ears? Is it grazing the chin? Is it anything above your clavicle? Well, theoretically it is all of the above. We would venture to say a bob is anything longer than a pixie and shorter than your shoulders. The look originated around World War I as the then-typical “feminine” long hair was deemed unsuitable for war work and was subsequently popularized by the actress Louise Brooks in the early 1920s. Though the style ebbs and flows in popularity, it has never truly gone out of style.

Since flapper fashion and the Jazz Age are back in style this summer, you’ll want to be perfectly practiced in the art of 1920s hairstyles. That’s why Matt is ready to create some of the favorite looks: the blunt bob, glam curls, retro waves, and a faux bob (for those not yet ready to cut their hair). He can create hairstyles that are inspired by the jazz age but have a modern twist. So, instead of trying to suppress your Gatsby fever, embrace it.

Are you ready to sport your Great Gatsby-inspired bob? Give Matt a call at 949-721-8767.

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